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"Love is love. Gay marriage is legal. The Pope isn't your County Clerk. Register for the fancy sheets and wine glasses. Peace and blessings."

Chasten Glezman Buttigieg

Affirming Faith Communities

Lawyers helping LGBTQ+ children and youth. Providing nonprofit legal services corporation providing no-fee assistance and advocacy for Kentucky's LGBTQ+ youth.

Marriage Officiants

Below is a list of marriage officiants in the Central Kentucky area. Those marked with an asterisk * are members of the Capital Pride KY Executive Committee. We've provided contact information and preferred pronouns.

NOTE: Capital Pride KY does not check officiant credentials, interview individuals on this list or otherwise endorse any individual listed. If you wish to be included on this list or need to correct or change your information, please email

Stephen Austin, pup (he/they)

Jess Bowman (she/her)

Kim Davis (she/her)

Faith Evans (she/her)

Chuck Ginter (he/him)

Michael McQueen (he/him)

Regina Murphy-James (she/her)

Robyn Rainbow (she/her)

Rev. Ann Shepherd (she/her)

Office: (502) 223-1165

Cell: (502) 234-1514

Philip Wilson (he/him)

Non-local officiants willing to travel or officiate in their area:


Susan Kelley (Baltimore, MD) (she/her)

Corey Bowling (he/they)

Brittany Cloyd (she/her)

John Edwards (he/him)

(502) 330-1345

Kimberly Gibson-Pierce (she/her)

Brittney Howell (she/her)

Amy Jo Mitchell (she/her)

Bob Padgett (he/him)

Jesse Ruble* (he/him)

Brent Thomas (he/they)

Michelle Welch

(502) 382-8975 texts welcome

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